Five is a super customizable template designed to provide you loads of configuration options allowing you to create many different website layouts.

Sidebar Options via Page Layout

The Five template supports up to two (global) sidebars  on a page. When both sidebars are enabled, they will appear next to one another and sidebar number one will always be next to the page content. The page layout can be changed using the Page Settings -> Page Layout option. You can choose on which side (right or left) the sidebars should be within Style Mode.

Page Layout: One Sidebar

Page Layout: Two Sidebars

Page Layout: Full Width (no sidebar)

Top Navigation Position Options

Five lets you control the location and alignment of the Top Navigation with two simple Style Mode choices. By moving the navigation around the Banner, you can drastically change the look of your site with just a few clicks. You can also adjust the alignment of the navigation and banner area. Or, when you select 'None' the navigation moves into the Sidebar as a simple vertical list.

Top Navigation: Below Banner

Top Navigation: Above Banner

Top Navigation: None

Page Thumbnail as Banner

The Five template features a large banner area. The height of the banner area can be set using the Banner Area Spacing option in the Sizes & Values section of the Style Editor. When enabled in the Style Editor, the banner image will use the thumbnail image set in the Page Settings of each page. The banner image can also be set to stretch the width of the page. When this is disabled, the Header Background Image will be visible.

Canvas Settings

The Canvas can be set to appear Full Width or Site Width. When the Canvas is set to Full Width, the Banner Image and Page Content will fill the full screen. When the Canvas is set to Site Width, the Site Background will appear at each side of the site. The Canvas Setting element is located in the Options section of the Style Editor.

Background Image Options

Layering background colors and images can really give a site a customized feel. Allowing you the use of color and texture to create your own look with just a few clicks. The Site, Banner and Canvas areas all have a background color and image option built right into Style Mode.

Hide Delimiter

By default, the navigation (and blog meta data) will feature delimiters (a '/' character) between the Navigation items and Blog Post Details items. The delimiters can be hidden with a checkbox option in the Style Editor.

Site Description in Sidebar

When the Site Description can be enabled to appear, it will be formatted in the H3 setting and display above Sidebar 1. The Site Description in Sidebar option is located in the Options section of the Style Editor. You can set the Site Description in Site Settings -> General.

Underline Sidebar H3

By default, the Sidebar Titles will use the H3 setting and appear underlined. The Underline Sidebar H3 option can be disabled in the Options section of the Style Editor. 

Banner Content Options

The Banner Content can be set to Site Title Logo Tagline, Page Title Description, or Empty. The Site Title Logo Tagline option will display the Site Title/Logo and Tagline added in the Site Settings. The Page Title Description setting will display the Page's Title and Description set in the Page Settings. Only the Banner Image will display when the Banner Content is set to Empty.

Per-Page Header / Footer

Each page in Five features a per-page Header and Footer area. This is a handy feature if you'd like a heading or other special content placed above a blog list for example. Content can be added by entering Edit Mode (pencil icon) in the lower right hand corner of the Preview.