The Mindful Music Project

Singing and playing music stimulates the brain and has significant health benefits.   I am excited to be developing My Mindful Music Project, which is a series of weekly classes where I teach singing and songwriting for at-risk kids and seniors. Research shows that people who sing together and write lyrics, have improved learning, longevity and quality of life. And they have fun in the process.  I was initially motivated to help seniors with dementia because I know music stimulates a part of the brain that centers on memory and speech.   People literally can sing or remember a tune when they can hardly put a sentence together.   Being a singer and songwriter, I experience a lighter mood when I sing, perform and play piano.  Humming a tune, singing a phrase, I have seen elderly people sitting in a row in a nursing home literally wake up and start singing along.  It is very fulfilling for me as an artist to experience their happiness and laugher.

In addition I decided to work with children.   The research that I conducted showed that children improved their learning significantly by singing, playing a musical instrument, dancing and performing. Currently I am teaching junior high school students at KidWorks to learn their songs so they can perform at an upcoming benefit concert.  We are working on phrasing, pitch, breathing, composure, confidence and having fun.   I can see their self esteem and confidence improving.   I will keep you posted on their progress.   Meanwhile you can learn more about my program in The Mindful Music section of